"Langton Graving Docks. Liverpool. 1881"

                   "Sheds 95ft span.Alexander Dock.Liverpool.1881"

                "Back of Dock Wall.Alexandra Dock Liverpool. 1883"

                   "Jetty at Entrance to Canada Basin. Liverpool. 1883"

                               "Dock Entrance Liverpool. 1881"

            "Engine House Langton Graving Docks. Liverpool.1882"

             "Engine House Langton Graving Docks. Liverpool.1882"


                                   "Foremen. South Docks.1882"

                "Herculaneum Dock and Petroleum Stores. 1882"

"Concrete Graving Dock. Langton. Liverpool in course of Construction.1880"

   "Lighhouse on River Wall of Mersey, Opposite New Brighton. 1880"

                    "Masonry of a Dock Entrance.Liverpool 1881.

          "The Lower Part Sandstone Ashlar,The Upper,Granit rubble"

"Commencement of Petroleum stores, Herculaneum Dock. Liverpool.1882.

             Each Store is a Short Tunnel 60ft long in the Sandstone Rock"


                     "Shed 95ft span.Alexandra Dock.Liverpool. 1881"