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Henty G.A

22 Books by G.A. Henty.

In Times of Peril. A Tale of India. Griffith Farran pp368.
In Times of Peril. A Tale of India. Griffith Farran pp343.

The Young Colonist: a Tale of the Zulu and Boer Wars. Blackie & Son Limited, pp303 + 32 adverts.
Winning His Spurs: A Tale of The Crusades Sampson Low, pp324.
One of the 28th. a Tale of Waterloo. Blackie & Son Limited, 1908. pp352 +16 adverts.
St Bartholomew's Eve: A Tale of the Huguenot Wars. Blackie & Son Limited, pp384.
The Dragon and the Raven. The Mershon Company. pp.288 + 4 adverts.
The Young Midshipman. Hurst & company. New York. pp272.
With Wolfe In Canada Or The Winning Of A Continent. Blackie & Son Limited, pp384.
By Sheer Pluck A Tale of the Ashanti War. Blackie & Son Limited, pp352.
The Lion of St. Mark. Blackie & Son Limited, pp354.
Out on the Pampas; or, the Young Settlers. Griffith Farran Brown & Co. pp315.
Captain Bayley's Heir A Tale of the Gold Fields of California.Blackie & Son Limited, pp386.Ink dedication.
In Freedom's Cause. Blackie & Son Limited, pp392 + 32ads. recased
Orange and Green. A Tale of Boyne and Limerick.Blackie & Son Limited, Pp 352 + 2 ads.
A Knight of the White Cross. A Tale of The Siege of Rhodes.Blackie & Son Limited. pp384.
The Bravest of the Brave; with Peterborough in Spain.Blackie & Son Limited, pp352.
Redskin and Cowboy. Blackie & Son Limited, pp384
In The Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy.Hurst & Company, pp321.
Condemned As A Nihilist. A Story Of Escapr From Siberia.Blackie & Son Limited, pp352+32ads.
George for England: a tale of Cressy and Poitiers. Blackie & Son Limited, pp352.
By Conduct and Courage, a story of the days of Nelson. Blackie & Son Limited, pp384. new covers.

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